Caring for Your Jewelry

I’M.ART Jewels are crafted for you with utmost care and dedication by Portuguese artisans. 

Silver is a sensitive metal, especially to humidity, heat and chemical agents. The process of oxidation can, with the passing of the years, lead to an alteration in the original colour. Please note that this does not imply changes in the quality of the pieces. 

To care for your jewels, so they can be enjoyed by generations in your family, we recommend: 

  • Store your pieces separately, such as in the individual packaging in which they were sent
  • Avoid getting the pieces wet and store them in a dry environment 
  • Clean your pieces with a dry soft cloth
  • If you want to give your pieces a new plating of gold or rhodium, I’M.ART will do it for free for 2 years. Please Contact Us