Our I’M.ART jewels are contrasted according to Law No. 98/2015. All pieces will have two trademarks: the manufacturer's trademark and the “Contrastaria” trademark (recognized by the Portuguese State and by the International Contrasts Association www.theiaao.com/portugal).

These two trademarks assure the authenticity of all our jewels.

Our pieces can be made of silver 925 plated with gold or rhodium, 9 carat gold or 19 carat gold. To identify the contrasts in your piece you can use a magnifying glass. Below you can see the symbols that should be present on your piece if it is silver: 925 with the eagle; 9 carat gold: 375 with the swallow bird; 19 carat gold: 800 with the deer.


The value 925 (silver), 375 (9 carat gold) and 800 (19 carat gold) in the contrast symbol has the following explanation: 92.5% is pure silver, 37.5% or 80% is pure gold and the rest it is an alloy of other metals.

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