Materials and Certification

Our I’M.ART jewels are contrasted according to Law No. 98/2015. All pieces will have two trademarks: the manufacturer's trademark and the “Contrastaria” trademark (recognized by the Portuguese State and by the International Contrasts Association

These two trademarks assure the authenticity of all our jewels.

Our pieces can be made of silver 925 plated with gold or rhodium, 9 carat gold or 19 carat gold. To identify the contrasts in your piece you can use a magnifying glass. Below you can see the symbols that should be present on your piece if it is silver: 925 with the eagle; 9 carat gold: 375 with the swallow bird; 19 carat gold: 800 with the deer.


The value 925 (silver), 375 (9 carat gold) and 800 (19 carat gold) in the contrast symbol has the following explanation: 92.5% is pure silver, 37.5% or 80% is pure gold and the rest it is an alloy of other metals.

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